Renew Materials manufactures High Quality liquid RTV compounds which are used for fabricating a variety of custom and stock Prosthetics and Orthotics such as:

  • Silicone Socket Liners
  • End / Pressure Pads
  • Cosmetic Prothetics
  • AFO's & WHO's
  • Urethane Partial Feet
  • Silicone Partial Feet

Our easy-to-use products are also suitable for:

  • Socket Duplication
  • Check-Socket Accuracy 
  • Body-Part Impressions

Quick. Consistent. Predictable.

Renew Materials offers instructional DVD Videos to help you gain the knowledge & know-how about various fabrication procedures using our products to increase your profits and capabilities.

Start Innovating Today...

... with Renew Materials.

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“The silicone injection liners are a world of difference. They were molded to my actual limb. No skin irritation and so durable”

-Chad Crittenden

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Renew Materials Fabrication Products Include:

Silicone Rubber
Renew Silicone 00-30
Renew Silicone 00-50
Renew Silicone 5
Renew Silicone 10
Renew Silicone 20
Renew Silicone Replicator

Urethane Rubber
Renew UR 40
Renew UR 60
Renew UR 80
Renew UR 90

Urethane Foam
Rigid Foam 10
Flexible Foam 10
Flexible Foam 25

Renew Alginate

Renew Silicone Adhesive
Renew Silicone Pigments
Renew Urethane Pigments
Release Agents