Instructional Videos

Volume 1
Custom Fabrication of Injection Molded Silicone Liners


An in-depth presentation of the latest methods for fabricating "Custom Injection Molded Silicone Liners".

This video features Mr. Wayne A. Koniuk, C.P. of San Francisco Prosthetic Orthotics, Inc. using Renew Materials silicone rubbers to custom fabricate soft silicone liners.

DVD segments also include "Making Multi-Hardness Silicone Liners" & "Integration of Distal Umbrella Profile". Patient testimonials included.

DVD; Length: 50 Minutes


Volume 2
Custom Fabrication of a Silicone Partial Foot Prosthesis



A complete step-by-step instructional presentation of the latest methods for easy In-House fabrication of “A Custom Silicone Partial Foot Prosthesis” using the injection-molded technique.

Video features Mr. Wayne A. Koniuk, C.P. of San Francisco Prosthetic Orthotics, Inc. using Renew Materials silicone rubber. The mirror-image, custom silicone partial foot prosthesis provides patients with medio-lateral stability and comfort. The finished silicone partial foot is flexible and durable.

DVD contains 11 Chapters with detailed information including patient impression modifications; mirror-image sculpting; creating the replacement toe-bed; creating the injection mold; processing and injecting silicone rubber; and incorporating reinforcements in the bottom to allow for barefoot walking.

DVD; Length: 54 Minutes


Volume 3
Fabrication of Custom Urethane Ankle-Foot & Wrist-Hand Orthoses



This comprehensive step-by-step instructional video details methods for easy In-House fabrication of custom urethane AFO’s & WHO’s utilizing the vacuum-lamination technique.

Video features Mr. Patrick Myrdal, R.T.P.O. (c), F.C.B.C., of Myrdal Orthopedic Technologies using Renew Materials urethane rubber to fabricate AFO’s & WHO’s that fit perfectly to individual contour. Custom urethane orthotic devices provide flexible support and dynamic control. These highly durable, abrasion-resistant orthotic devices are easy to clean with soap and water.

Presentation is comprised of two chapters packed with detailed information including: clinical assessment; taking the patient impression; impression casting; modifying the cast; creating the custom urethane AFO / WHO profile thickness; creating the closure aspect; preparing cast for lamination; application of PVA bag; processing and laminating with urethane rubber; lamination removal from cast; closure strap / billet incorporation; trimming the lamination; patient fitting; and final trimming of orthotic.

DVD; Length: 56 Minutes

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