Renew Silicone Adhesive Product Description

Product Features
  • Easy-to-use, One-Component Adhesive.
  • Fast Cure time at Room Temperature with No Shrinkage.
  • Made Specifically for Bonding RTV Silicone Rubber to Silicone Rubber and other Substrates.
  • Can be used to Repair Torn Silicone Rubber.
  • Cured Adhesive is Tough, Strong and Flexible. 
  • Cured Adhesive Resists Weathering, Moisture, UV and High Temperatures.

Renew Silicone Adhesive is Suitable for variety of Orthotic & Prosthetic appliances including:

  • Repairing torn Silicone Socket Liners, Sleeves and other Silicone Prosthetic Appliances.
  • Permanently Adhering Pressure Pads and End Pads to Sockets and other substrates.

Renew Silicone Adhesive is available in the following packaging format:

  • 0.5 oz. / 14 g. Tube
  • 3.0 oz. / 85 g. Tube 

Technical Bulletin  MSDS