Renew Silicone 5 Product Description
Product Features
  • Easy-to-use 2-part silicone rubber.
  • Non-Shrinking.
  • Super-Fast Cure Time at Room Temperature.
  • Very Soft & Stretchy with Excellent Tear Strength.   
  • Mixes through static mixer (included).
  • Cured Rubber is Safe for Skin Contact.
  • Reduces Friction & promotes Tissue Healing.
  • Improves Shock Absorption.

Renew Silicone 5 is Suitable for fabricating a variety of Custom & Stock Prosthetic components and appliances including:

  • Distal End Pads.
  • Pressure Pads & Isolated Soft Spots for Pressure Relief. 
  • Posterior Calcaneal & Ulnar Styloid Relief.

Renew Silicone 5 is ONLY available in the following packaging format:

  • 400 ml cartridges (Net Weight 1.0 lbs.) **Dispensing gun required. 

Technical Bulletin  MSDS