Renew Silicone 10 Product Description
Product Features
  • Easy-to-use 2-part silicone rubber.
  • Fast Cure time at Room Temperature with No Shrinkage.
  • Cured rubber is Soft & Stretchy.
  • Cured Rubber has Excellent Tear Strength & Wear Resistance.
  • Completely Safe for Skin Contact.
  • Reduces Friction. & Promotes tissue healing.
    Improves shock absorption.

Renew Silicone 10 is Suitable for fabricating a variety of Prosthetic components and appliances including:

  • Custom & Stock AK and BK Silicone Socket Liners
  • Cosmetic Skins
  • Partial Hands & Fingers

Silicone 10 is available in the following packaging formats:

  • 400 ml cartridges (Net Weight 1.0 lbs.) **Dispensing gun required.
  • Pint Unit (Net Weight 2.0 lbs.)
  • 1-Gallon Unit (Net Weight 16.0 lbs.)
  • 5-Gallon Unit (Net Weight 80.0 lbs)


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