Renew Rigid Foam 10 Product Description

Product Features

  • Versatile, Easy-to-Use 2-part Urethane Foam.
  • One-to-One Mix Ratio by Volume.
  • Expands 6 times its Original Volume.
  • Fast Cure time at Room Temperature.
  • Becomes tack-free in about 6 minutes.
  • Develops Handling Strength in 30 Minutes.
  • Is Fully Cured in 2 Hours.
  • Develops a Uniform 10 lb. / cu. Ft. Cell Structure.
  • Cured Foam is Lightweight & Cost Effective.
  • Cured Foam is Precise, Carvable and Easily Modified.

Renew Rigid Foam 10 is Suitable for Creating Lightweight, Durable Positive Casts.

Renew Rigid Foam 10 is available in the following packaging formats:

  • Pint Unit (Net Weight 1.9 lbs.)
  • 1-Gallon Unit (Net Weight 15.0 lbs.) 
  • 5-Gallon Unit (Net Weight 84.0 lbs.) 

Technical Bulletin  MSDS