Renew Alginate Product Description

Product Features

  • Easy-to-Use, temporary Impression Material.
  • Does Not Contain Free Crystalline Silica (a known carcinogen).
  • Captures Excellent Detail for Accurate Representations.
  • Fast Cure Time.
  • Completely Safe for Skin Contact.
  • Impression Molds accept Plaster, Polymer-modified Gypsum, Ultra-Fast Set Urethane Resins.

Renew Alginate is Suitable for a variety of Orthotic & Prosthetic Applications including:

  • Body-part Impressions
  • Residual Impressions
  • Donor Impressions
  • Socket Duplication

Renew Alginate is available in the following packaging formats:

  • 3 lb. Box Unit (Net Weight 3.0 lbs.)
  • 20 lb. Box Unit (Net Weight 20.0 lbs.)


Technical Bulletin  MSDS