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Why should silicone rubber be used in O & P applications?
There are different types of silicone rubbers available in the world. Be sure you choose the right silicone for your application!
The only type of silicone rubber we recommend using for O & P applications is Addition-cured (platinum) silicone.

Addition silicones exhibit the following characteristics & advantages:

* They are hypoallergenic - inert, odorless, tasteless, and stainless;

* Exhibit good resistance to weathering & oxidation;

* Silicone is phthalate free;

* Silicone can be cleaned very easily with antibacterial soap. Silicones can be boiled or bleached (10 % solution); they are even dishwasher safe;

* Silicone is hygenic (non-porous) - no where for bacteria to hide;

* Silicone has excellent electrical-potting capabilities;

* Superior resistance to many chemicals;

* Superior water resistance - very low water absorption;

* Silicone also has really good thermal resistance - addition silicones can typically be exposed to temperature upto 600 f.