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Can Renew Silicone Adhesive be used to create a seal between inner cushion liners & outer suspension sleeves for elevated suction sockets?
Yes it is possible & very easy too. Renew Silicone Adhesive may be applied to the fabric side of a cushion liner at the proximal end on the brim. The width of the silicone application can vary - usually 2 " (50.8 mm) is sufficient.
The goal: To create a completely smooth silicone surface on the brim of the inner cushion liner.

You can delineate where the line of silicone will end on the liner by wrapping the liner with PVC tape. How far down the liner the tape is placed will determine the width of the application.

When the silicone is applied, the tape may be removed and the remaining line of silicone will be straight & consistent. Once the tape is in place the Silicone Adhesive may be applied.

NOTE: It is recommended to wear gloves when working with Renew Silicone Adhesive.

Apply Renew Silicone Adhesive to the brim of the fabric side of the liner. Renew Silicone Adhesive will come out of the tube in a bead shape. This bead of Silicone Adhesive must then be spread out evenly around the brim of the liner by hand. A polyethylene spatula works well for this.

Once the Silicone Adhesive is completely applied and spread out evenly, it is now possible to further smooth the surface of the silicone WHILE THE SILICONE IS STILL WET. Isopropyl alcohol may be sprayed onto the silicone surface. Using your gloved finger, smooth the surface of the silicone with gentle pressure to eliminate any ridges or wrinkles. Furthermore, you want to make sure no fabric from the cushion liner is visible in the area where the Silicone Adhesive is applied.

Remember the goal - to create a completely smooth silicone surface on the brim of the cushion liner so when the outer suspension sleeve is donned there is total contact between the inner liner & outer sleeve.

Depending on the thickness profile of the silicone application, the Cure (Dry) Time will be 15 - 30 minutes at room temperature (73 f / 23 c).