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I received my material, but one of my containers was only ½ full. Is this a mistake?
Materials are packed by weight not by volume. Depending on the density of the material, the volume in the containers may be less or more.

For example, a 1-gallon unit of UR 60 consists of two 1-gallon pails filled with product. Each pail (Parts A & B) is filled with 8 lbs. of liquid material (16 lbs. total for the kit) -but- both pails (A & B) are only 7/8 full by volume.

SUGGESTION: Do not estimate the amount of material needed for your application by volume. It is more accurate to correlate the cubic inch per pound yield of the material (Specific Volume).

Each material has it's own Specific Volume. Check the product data sheet to find out the Specific Volume.