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Can I add color pigment to my pre-packaged silicone cartridges?
While Renew Materials silicone rubber products accept the addition of color pigments, it is unadvisable to add color into the pre-packaged silicone cartridges for several reasons:

1. The plugs on the cartridges are very difficult to remove. If you succeed in removing the plugs, you may damage the cartridge, which could result in the material not being able to be properly dispensed.

2. The introduction of pigment into the pre-packaged cartridges could also allow for the introduction of air bubbles, which will most likely end up in the cured silicone rubber. Bubbles represent "weak spots" in the cured rubber.

3. Due to the narrow-ness of the 400 ml cartridges and relatively high-viscosity of the silicone, it will be nearly impossible to adequately and thoroughly add pigment throughout the cartridge.

Renew Materials may add pre-pigmented silicone into cartridges in the future if there is sufficient demand. Unfortunately that scenario is not currently present.